Project Management

Many organizations struggle with projects that meander. They wind up taking too long and costing too much.  Our project management philosophy is very straightforward.  We hire certified Project Management Professionals and rely on the tried and true proven techniques for project management success.  Whether your organization needs to augment a project that is under way or to start one from the ground up, our team of professionals is ready to support you.

Software Package Selection

Navigating the confusing software landscape can be a challenge for any finance team.  If your organization is in the planning stages of its next systems implementation, upgrade or new software package selection, let our seasoned team guide you along the way.  Starting with a comprehensive requirements gathering exercise, we sit with the key stakeholders in your organization to make sure that all aspects of the new system is considered.  We work with you to carefully evaluate the must-haves and the nice-to-haves.  We then assist with the vendor selection process to ensure that you get the system that is the right fit for your organization.

Accounting and Finance

These challenging economic times don’t permit accounting and finance organizations the luxury of staffing for spikes in activity and critical projects throughout the year.  Successful organizations are adapting to a flexible model whereby they bring in specialized support matching the demands of the projects going on at that time.  Our team of professionals is capable of staffing your accounting and finance organization for special projects or seasonal peaks in activity.  Our staff is experienced accountants and CPA’s that have working in the controllership function before.  They understand how crucial deadlines are and are committed to hitting them.  Do you need quarterly support to file your 10Q?  Annual support to file your 10K? Consider using the flexible resource model to get through those peak activity times.

Training and Development

Our staff has experience in training on software applications and providing post go-live support.  Using a variety of tools ranging from desktop aids to floor walking, we have supported organizations in the crucial time period following go-live.   This added support is welcomed by the users and is an effective mechanism of escalating systems issues based on severity.  Our experienced staff are well traveled and able to conduct training on a global basis. We offer language capabilities. Inquire to find out more.