Why companies need skilled support to interface with a Strategic Integrator on ERP Implementations

Typical ERP projects consume a significant amount of resource both from the client and the Strategic Integrator (SI).  This activity typically falls on the shoulders of some of the busiest people in the company who can ill afford to drop what they are doing and face off against a team of highly polished consultants.

“Our people act as an extension of your management team. We represent you at meetings and assist in decision making because the need to run and maintain your company does not pause when the SI needs to gather requirements or perform testing.  We keep a watchful eye on the SI to ensure that are working to plan.”

In order to successfully oversee and manage a project we advise clients to bring in experienced resources that are familiar with the functionality of the software to ensure that the overall design is sustainable.

“Our people understand the software development life cycle and ensure that decisions are made that support the future upgrade and patch application of your implementation.  Sustainability means resisting in almost all cases invasive customizations. It means focusing on sound configuration techniques that allow your system to grow and expand as you do”.

Systems implementations create unique opportunities to review, analyze and improve business processes.  To simply use a new system to follow the old process is “paving the old cow path”.

“Our people are also aware of best practices for process enhancement around your new system. The SI is under no obligation to overhaul your procedures however we ensure that opportunities are not missed.”

In order to ensure that the project progresses swiftly and efficiently bring resolution to risks and issues is imperative.

“Our people are knowledgeable of project management techniques surrounding project management office activities.  We act in a timely fashion so that the expensive SI resources are not idle on your budget.”

In order to ensure that your new system is used consistently by new users and that the transition is effective, we recommend that specific change management steps are taken. These include the creation of job aids, webinars, FAQ’s.

“Our people understand that organizations are made up of people that generally fear and avoid change.  Successful implementations have a change management component to ensure that users are trained on the new system and have an escalation path if they have questions.”

“If you are planning and ERP Project and you want more information, call us.”

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