Merger & Acquisition Activity Leads to Integration Opportunities for Project Managers

Ron Morgan, Co-Founder and President of Commercial Services at MorganFranklin writes an interesting blog post at the ACG (Association for Corporate Growth) National Capital website. He writes that recent survey results that M&A activity in the area is on the rise and the outlook need not be as gloomy as many pundits are making it out to be.  He goes on to say,

“This recovery period, as lasting as it may or may not be, has proven to be a buyer’s market. While liquidity remains an issue, companies are beginning to sure up balance sheets and increase value. In fact, 75% of survey respondents anticipate that growth of business and market share will drive transactions as companies that weathered the storm successfully regain confidence and re-enter the acquisition marketplace.

Fortunately, the long-term outlook is even brighter. Nearly 80% of those surveyed anticipate that M&A activity will return to level-highs seen in 2006. But as we have learned throughout the “Great Recession,” there is often a catch. For example, in this case, most do not expect a full recovery in M&A activity before 12 to 24 months have passed.”

I trust Mr. Morgan’s opinion on the matter.  He has nurtured and grown a consulting practice in the Northern Virginia area centered on assisting companies achieve results from their acquisition strategies.  In my opinion, he has his finger on the pulse of the activity in the region.

This is welcome news for Thought2Execution. We have seen the obvious correlation between increased M&A activity and Integration related projects.  Our focus has been at he hub of the integration wheel- where people, process and systems all come together.  Thought2Execution specializes in the Project Management of Finance Systems integrations.

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